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Carbon Nanotubes Plus+

Carbon Nanotubes Plus is a global supplier of graphene and carbon nanotubes. With the professional and technical ability to supply a wide range of products, varying in countless specifications with low cost, we are becoming a leading provider of nanotube products. Below are just a few products that Carbon Nanotubes Plus supplies.


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Carbon Nanotubes Plus has met the demands and specification requirements of our customers worldwide. Regardless of your application, whether manufacturing or research and development, Carbon Nanotubes Plus is here to assist. We can supply industrial grade nanotubes with a purity of >60% to a 99% purity nanotube as well as functionalized or graphitized material. Additionally, Carbon Nanotubes Plus offers discounts for bulk orders. Simply request a quotation.


-CNT Arrays

-Graphene Functional Print Ink

-Graphite Oxide

-CNTs Composite Conductive Agent in Lithium Ion Batteries



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